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Programmable Timer Switch - Caxato

Programmable Timer Switch

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Here’s a bright idea in lighting. Rely on our Programmable Timer Switch to automatically control when lights come on and go off. Why waste energy when you don’t have to? In fact, with the unit’s seven-day programming, you can set up a unique on/off schedule every day of the week. Or if you’re going on vacation, you can schedule lights to come on to create the illusion someone is home. Programming buttons are hidden to maintain a clean, sleek look that will complement your home.


  • For use with incandescent and halogen lights up to 500 watts; requires 40 watts minimum
  • Seven-day programming (up to seven on and seven off times per week)
  • Hidden programming buttons
  • Sleek design mounts flush with wall plate
  • Universal wiring (two-wire connection)
  • Single pole (two-wire) or multi-switch (three-way) installation
  • Manual override enables load to be turned on/off without affecting programming
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Programming protected during power outages
  • Can also be used like a conventional on/off switch
  • Package does not include wall plate
  • One-year warranty
  • DIY installation

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